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Powering Your Future with Solar Energy

Energy Life Performance provides top-quality solar system solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you want to gradually transform your entire house or office, or implement your solar project in phases, we’ve got you covered. Our installers are COC-certified, ensuring the highest quality work.

Why Go Solar?

Solar Power is a renewable source of energy, it wont run out (sun – plug). The sun is the biggest and best resource available, everywhere and every day.

Be in control of your energy, and instead of relying on Eskom, why not keep Eskom as your backup solution! Choose us for top of the range quality, with workmanship and product guarantees.

Energy Life Performance systems unique is our expertise on aftercare services. Once your installation is complete your system is added to our aftercare program that includes regular visits and follow up calls on customer needs and regular maintenance.

Rent to Own

Rent-to-own solar represents a financing approach for acquiring solar panel systems. Instead of an outright purchase, customers opt for fixed monthly payments, allowing the solar panel company to maintain ownership throughout the rental period.

Green Deposit

A "green deposit" for solar energy typically refers to a financial arrangement or investment made in a renewable energy project, specifically solar energy. This deposit is made with the intention of supporting and funding the development, construction, or expansion of solar power infrastructure.


Solar financing options provide diverse solutions for individuals, businesses, and institutions looking to transition to clean, renewable energy. Solar loans are tailored to cover the initial costs of purchasing and installing solar systems, with borrowers repaying through manageable monthly installments.


Consumption is the Basis of All Solar Calculations.

We need to get an accurate estimation of consumption in order to correctly size your new solar system.

Methods used to measure consumption:

  • Electricity bills (Rand per month / rate per kWh / days per month = average daily consumption.
  • An Energy Audit / List of loads.
  • Energy usage monitoring.

These measurements will allow you to make the right choice when choosing a solar system that suits your individual needs. 

Affordable Payments

Leading Technology

Local Experts

At Energy Life Performance, we pride ourselves on offering affordable prices, harnessing leading-edge solar technology, and delivering local expertise to our valued customers. Our commitment to affordability ensures that solar solutions are within reach for all, while our dedication to cutting-edge technology guarantees the highest efficiency and performance.

Solar Solutions

We provide top quality solar system solutions that you can custom built-in phases for the whole- or sections of your house or offices.

Energy Life Performance custom design and install solar system solutions. Our installers are COC-certified installers. 

Energy Life Performance also offers financing alternatives and provide the necessary warranties on all our products and installations. 

Energy LIfe Performance offers different system solutions to fit your budget.

The three most popular solar system solutions are:

Grid-tied: is connected to the electrical grid and requires the grid to be running for the solar system to produce energy.

Hybrid: the system generates power the same way as a grid-tie system, but also uses special hybrid inverters and batteries to store energy for later use.

Off-grid: the system is not connected to the electricity grid and require.

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